Welcome to CreativProcess!

  My name is Micha, and I love helping moms reclaim joy and reconnect to their creativity, without needing to take tons of time away from their families. So many creativity classes cater directly to kids, and the moms get left out. But we need a creative outlet too, and sometimes sharing your kid’s coloring book just doesn’t cut it. That’s where CreativProcess comes in.

At CreativProcess, we intend to create a judgement-free space for you to connect with other moms and people who are ready to embark on their creative journeys. Our mission is to help tired, overwhelmed, overworked moms:

tap into a creative outlet for emotional exploration and release

experience joy in the process of creating something meaningful

intentionally reconnect with their sense of identity and passion for life

It’s a tall order, but we know that this will not only help fuel massive personal growth, it will help shape the tone of the whole family’s life. (As they say, after all: If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy). A nurtured and fulfilled mama is a centered mama. Let us help you find fulfillment! Register for a class today, or book a call to learn how CreativProcess workshops can work for YOU!


“I love these art workshops. Micha is an amazing lady and teacher who makes you feel welcome and comfortable. These workshops are good for people of all backgrounds with painting, whether beginner or more advanced. There is no judgement and you can express/find your own creativity within the class and ask for advice without worry. Each class has a specific theme, and she helps work with you through each one with prompts of how to get started. As someone who was afraid of trying to paint, I keep coming back as it is fun and has helped me find something I can enjoy and techniques that are fun and work for me”


  -Bree Peltier


Why would I need this?

  •  If you’re tired of hustling through your days just to get the dishes / laundry / housework done without a moment of fun for YOU, 

  • if your “Me Time” bubble baths aren’t lighting you up the way self-care should,

  • if you’re straight DONE letting your kids have all the creative fun while you just sit and watch (and probably clean up),

then CreativProcess is for you.

Wanna play with paint? We’ve got a workshop for that. Always wanted to explore creative movement and dance? We’ve got ya covered. Interested in creative writing? You’ve come to the right place.

But wait, we’re in the middle of a pandemic!

Don’t worry, these workshops will take place exclusively online until we can get back to in-person workshops at some of our favorite local businesses, right here in Phoenix, AZ.

BUT WAIT. We’re in the middle. of. a. PANDEMIC. And I have children!

We offer a variety of workshops, including those that are designed to be self-paced and taken whenever you can carve out time for yourself. If you can’t get away from your kids, however, we’ve also designed a whole series of workshops to be fulfilling for you and accessible for your children to participate alongside you.

“These art workshops are so fun and inspiring! The leader, Micha, plans and teaches the events brilliantly, with projects and approaches carefully designed to both nurture and challenge us in our creativity. Participants always arrive feeling welcomed no matter our previous art experience, and we leave feeling confident and joyful about art. I can’t recommend these workshops enough”


  -Carrie LeFeber Schneider

Creativity takes courage

– Henri Matisse

Invest in a workshop for yourself

Take your self care routine a little deeper. Invest in a workshop for yourself, and see how good you’ll feel after a healthy dose of creative expression.

If you’re feeling disenchanted with your daily Stay at Home grind, give CreativProcess a try. We’re here to help YOU create  joy  in your life so you can move from overwhelm to fulfillment with confidence!

We’re here to help you create joy in your life.