What is CreativProcess?

    It's a safe space for you to explore your own creativity.


    It's a chance for you to break out of your comfort zone and try something new.


    It's ditching your anxieties about whether you're good enough to create, or capable of creating something beautiful.


    It's meeting new people, creating together, and seeing your work through another perspective.


    It's feeling free, and playful, and open to new possibilities, and allowing yourself to ENJOY being creative!

    How is CreativProcess different?

    This is about the process, not the product. It's about experiencing joy in moving paint across a canvas, or digging your fingers into clay, or morphing your body across a dance floor. It's about tapping into the creative essence inside your soul, allowing yourself the freedom to try something new or forgotten, without fear of failure, and without much concern for the quality of the finished piece. It's about lighting, or reigniting, that creative fire that lives inside you so you feel inspired to create from your heart!


    A key difference with CreativProcess workshops is that we don't serve alcohol at our events.* While many art-based classes offer wine or other alcoholic beverages as part of the experience, we are passionate about helping you discover your innate creativity without the use of external substances (although we do provide some snacks). In this way, our workshops are made accessible to everyone!


    *Hosts of private parties are permitted to offer whatever food and beverages they wish.

    Who's behind CreativProcess?

    Hi there. My name is Micha (sounds like "MEE-sha"). I love creating and experiencing art, and I'm passionate about helping others find enjoyment in art, too!


    My story? After getting a degree in Fine Art, I did everything BUT art for about a decade. Despite constant encouragement from the people who love and know me best, I just never felt good enough to create. Eventually I realized how sad my heart was without art, and slowly began dabbling with my favorite methods again. As I reawakened my own creativity, I heard friends and family say, "I wish I could do that, but I'm just not creative." Instinctively, I began to gently challenge them to try, and to offer them materials and a judgement-free space in which to try them out.


    My first workshops were intimate gatherings with friends, in my backyard or at my kitchen table. Time after time, I watched people leave my informal classes with a glowing smile, a full heart, and a beautiful piece of art. While I don't often teach from my kitchen table anymore, I still see people leave my workshops with a full, glad heart and a beautiful piece of art. And that's what lights me up.

    Helping people discover, ignite, & reconnect with their creativity.