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Bold Beautiful Painting with Aromatherapy to Unlock Your Creative Potential

Saturday, June 13, 2020 from 2 – 5 p.m. PT

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Led by Creative Artist and Workshop Facilitator, Micha Mayotte

With special guest teacher, Certified Aromatherapist, Diane McDaniel

Forget those tiny brushes - it's time to make your mark! This workshop is all about using aromatherapy to unlock your creative potential, making big movements with big brushes, and creating a truly expressive work of abstract art. If you've been feeling like you "can't do art" or are experiencing a creative block, this is the workshop for you! Because in this workshop, it doesn't matter whether you "can do art." All that matters is that you're willing to show up and try something new!

Register by 6/6/2020 and provide your mailing address at checkout to receive a FREE creativity-boosting essential oil sample to use during this workshop! To ensure each student receives individualized attention, space is limited to 20 participants, and pre registration is required. Reserve your spot today!

Upon registration, you will be sent a confirmation email with instructions to join a private Zoom call on the scheduled day of the workshop.

In order to keep costs to a minimum, and in the spirit of #workinwithwhatwevegot, each student will provide their own supplies from items they already have and/or will purchase (as needed). I highly encourage you to get creative before the workshop even begins in your search for these supplies, and try to use what you have around the house already or can borrow/receive from friends and family! Please find the recommended supplies list below, and please don't hesitate to use the contact form to ask any questions you might have about this list or workshop!


Course Requirements + Supplies List:

  • well-ventilated space in which to paint
  • large* painting surface: Such as stretched canvas, wood panel (e.g. old door, sheet of plywood, or fine art wood panel), or repurposed art piece you want to cover up (you can find large canvas and framed art at thrift stores for super cheap!)   *["Large" is relative, but try to find something that's at least 2' x 3' approximate dimensions.]
  • large work surface: To accommodate your painting surface. An easel is great. So is a kitchen or folding table, an empty wall, or even the floor. As long as you cover it up or don't mind getting paint on it!
  • paint brushes: At least three brushes, ranging in size from 1" - 3" wide (these could be bristle or foam brushes, purchased from an art supply store, craft store, hardware store, or even dollar discount store, depending on how long you plan to continue using them after this workshop - you do get what you pay for)
  • acrylic paint: You can probably buy this where you bought your brushes. Try to get at least 3 different colors, and if you're not sure where to start, then grab a red/blue/yellow combination or a magenta/cyan/yellow combination. It helps to have a small tube of black and white paints as well, and I always recommend a metallic paint if you can get one. I prefer heavy body acrylics for the texture you can create with them, but even leftover house paint would work fine if that's what you have lying around.
  • paper plate: Or other non-porous surface to hold your paint. You can invest in a paper palette (essentially a notepad of waxed paper sheets) or glass or metal palette, but a paper plate works just as well.
  • water cups: Any old, large cup or jar would work fine. I use old pasta sauce jars! You can use whatever you have on hand that you don't plan to put food in later. NOTE: make sure the opening is big enough for your biggest brushes! You may need a small bowl instead of a cup! I recommend using two (2) water cups, one for dark colors and one for light colors, so that your light colors don't get muddy by mixing everything in the same water cup.
  • protective clothing: Smock, apron, old shirt and pants - basically, if you're doing this right, you'll probably get messy, so don't wear your best anything for this workshop.
  • rags: You can actually buy these at art supply stores, but I use old cut up T-shirts. Worn out washcloths, or even paper towels work just as well for our purposes.

Optional Supplies:

  • dropcloth, old tablecloth, or tarp (I use old curtains!) to protect your workspace
  • full array of paint colors (if you want to invest in a set, go for it!)
  • palette knife/knives - you can also use disposable forks, spoons, and knives
  • small paint brushes - they can be used to add detail at the end of the workshop
  • alternative "brushes" - this could be literally anything other than a paintbrush that you use to apply paint to your surface, and it's another chance to get creative! Sponges, twigs, combs, and cutlery all qualify. See what you can find!
  • brush cleaner - if you invest in high quality brushes, invest in a proper cleaner to care for them
  • music - so you have some inspiration to move your body as you paint!
  • essential oils diffuser - in case you want to diffuse your aromas while you paint!


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