About the Foundress

Hi there!

My name is Micha (sounds like Meesha) and I’m an artist, teacher, wife, and mom. I love helping people discover their creativity, but my biggest passion is helping moms use creativity to express and reconnect with themselves, without taking tons of time away from their kids.

How it all started

I’ve been creating art in various forms for as long as I can remember, but I stopped once I’d created a tiny human. Turns out, I’m not the only mom who gave up a passion after having a baby (it’s a very “mom” thing to do). But it doesn’t serve us, and therefore doesn’t serve our families, when we aren’t nurturing our souls. So I started a casual weekly art night gathering with a couple friends, which lead to a few impromptu Saturday night workshops in my backyard, which eventually turned into CreativProcess!

Over time, I realized the people I was consistently serving had something in common: they were moms (or other caretakers) that needed time and space to themselves to refocus on what brings them joy, or try a new thing they’ve long been putting off, or just get out of the house for a couple hours and do something unrelated to their children! What began as my effort to “put on my oxygen mask” evolved into to helping other moms find and use theirs.


Can I do this if I’m not a mom?

Because I am a mom, it’s easy for me to connect with other moms, especially now that COVID-19 has brought us so much closer together with our children (thanks, coronavirus!). But listen, if you’re not a mom, you can still sit with us. In fact, we’d love to have you! Just know that we will be talking about our kids at some point while we’re creating. 

Ready to get creative with me? Check out my upcoming events or schedule a call with me! I’d love to chat with you about your creative goals.


I’ll see you soon!

I was looking for a way to start new hobbies when I came across a flyer for an art workshop with CreativProcess.  It was  reasonably priced with paint, brushes, and canvas being provided, and being held at a location I was already familiar with.  I went, knew only 2 of the other 7 people there, and had a wonderful time.    Micha gave simple, easy-to-follow instructions, advice when we asked for it, suggestions throughout.  I’m no artist but I was pleased with the outcome of my artwork. It’s something I look forward to each workshop.
I went the next month, enjoyed it again, and was again happy with my artwork.  Next I invited a niece and a great-niece who each needed a low-key artistic experience and they both loved it and both went a second time, and are looking forward to their next one. The abstract workshops were less fun for me but more fun for both of the nieces.  The 3 of us are from 3 different generations, so it’s definitely fun for all ages !!” 


 -Carolyn Locy

Our Team 

We’re expanding! New instructors are joining the CreativProcess team, and with them come new online courses. Please follow us on sociall media, as we’ll be announcing each instructor and their workshops in the coming weeks!


Creative Writing Instructor

Jacey is a wife to her husband of eight years and together, they have three children. She finds solace in words and between the pages of a good book. Her writing has been featured on Coffee + Crumbs among others. You can find her on Instagram or jaceywrites.com

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Creative Movement Instructor

Stay tuned for an update about the newest member of our team!

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Creative Music Instructor

Stay tuned for an update about the newest member of our team!